Saturday, January 31, 2009

On Daddy Dom/Little Girl and Other Flavors of Dominance

I am surprised at the number of people that make their way to my blog by googling the search terms "daddy dom" and "little girl" and so thought I would take this opportunity to explore the different flavors of Dominance in more detail.

Firstly, I think the whole concept of a D/s relationship is loosely based on the "Daddy/little girl" paradigm. The Dominant partner exerts his "will" (in whatever form is necessary) and (ideally) facilitates the submissive partner's growth and well being; whether the term used for the Dominant partner is Sir, Master or Daddy, the role is similar.

I have spoken with Dominant men who refuse to be called "Daddy", either because it conjures up some vaguely implied incestuous wrongs or simply because they don't feel that the term applies to what they bring to a D/s union. These men tend to have a more "base" attitude toward the submissive and are aroused by the fact that she is slutty, filthy, a whore, a bitch, a cunt, etc. They enjoy "breaking" a submissive and, once achieved, their male "protective" instincts kick in and they will relish in "rebuilding" and comforting the broken little slut.

The Dominant men who identify with "Daddy", or are at least open to the concept, view the submissive more as a naive little girl, to be corrupted and used for their pleasure with the end result being that she is "transformed" (by him) into the slutty little sex-loving whore. The act of corrupting or "de-virginizing" these girls/women is the arousing motivator to the Daddy Dominant. On the flip side, these men are "nurturers" at heart and are also aroused by taking care of the submissive; making her their own to do with as they please, whether teaching her how to suck a cock, or brushing her hair.

And then there is the type of sexually Dominant male who is aroused through exerting the force and power of his dominance. This type of person has no compulsion for nurturing or "after care" and is empowered by making his partner suffer for him, either through pain or humiliation. I find most males that fall into this category have powerful sadistic tendencies and lust tends to grow and expand with each cry or scream uttered by his partner.

Ofcourse none of us, Dominant or submissive, fit neatly into any specific category and Dominant men are most often amalgams of many different delicious flavors; due to our complex makeups, the trouble lies in finding the one person who can satisfy and complete us in just the right way so that his parts and her parts glide beautifully into one another creating endless possibilities toward ecstatic lustful perfection.

*Note* For purposes of this article, Dominant individuals are men and submissive individuals are female. This is what I know and, therefore, what I write about. Please refrain from castigating me on the subject.


  1. I agree with there being a spectrum of Dominance/submission.
    I love the nurturing of Daddy and I love to nurture him. Yes and sometimes spankings are necessary.


  2. I love my Daddy very much I always want him to be proud of me...I make sure he is pleased with me always and when he is not I apologize and do whatever he ask to make it better

  3. Advice to newbies learning?