Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Virtually Toxic

I have never encountered anything like this before.

We met and developed a friendship.  We got along really really well when we were together and enjoyed many of the same things.

We made each other laugh and spent much time together.


It seemed that we could not communicate virtually, without toxic results.

Almost every email message we exchanged would be misinterpreted by the receiver.

And I don't just mean misinterpreted, but the meaning would somehow completely turn itself around, so that the message was translated by the end party into something with angry or negative intent.

It was as though we had never met for god sake!

How is it possible to spend many hours with someone......to really like someone, and then totally misconstrue and misunderstand emails from that same person?

It seems incredible to me......and yet......that is exactly what we kept doing.

It became very uncomfortable. 

It became so uncomfortable that I wanted it to end........yet I don't really want it to end, because I am fond of this man.

You have to wonder though.......if you are virtually that toxic to one another, what horrors may lay in wait for you, as a couple in the real world?!

It's all very sad.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Needs Be

I need to breathe.....slowly
On the inhale, not worrying about having to exhale

I need to live.....fully
In the moment, not reliving yesterday or fretting about tomorrow

I need to love.....spiritually and emotionally
To feel completely......on a higher plane

I need to be loved........accepted
Speaking and acting, without fear of judgement

I need to communicate.......openly
Words flowing freely, unfiltered and raw

I need to laugh......from a primal place
Often and deeply, until it hurts

I need to see......clearly
Striving for objectivity,  even while standing in the fog

I need to be me.....completely
In whatever form that may appear, at any given moment in time