About the Author and the Blog

I am passionately submissive
I am woman, in need of boundaries
I am little girl, in need of authority and love
I am she, with empty spaces
that ache to be filled.

I am on a quest to discover and experience all the joys and absurdities that life has to offer. 

The fact that there are so many flavors to life, never ceases to amaze and fascinate me and I want to taste them all!

The world is so vast; my world is so tiny. I have never wanted to travel far but have always enjoyed the sensation of placing one foot ahead of the other, knowing that somewhere along the road a most beguiling and worthwhile discovery would be mine.....
I sought, and have now found, a relationship of intensity.  A strong emotional and physical bond between 2 people who know and relish in who and what they are and how that dynamic plays out in their D/s partnership.

A man (Daddy leaning), who can exert some characteristics of control, both sexually and non, so that I can feel free to relinquish any power that I might have grasped onto, either out of perceived need, or subconsciously. 

Bliss, for me, is basking in the freedom of knowing someone else has taken command of a situation, or of me.   In this way I am able to feel light, relaxed, and safe.  There is no better high.

And so, with open mind and open heart, I walk through the landscape of my life, doing my best to experience what is around me; trying to appreciate what is under my feet instead of concentrating on the resplendence beyond.

The words on these pages mark the footsteps of my journey.

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