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Drops of You

You rain on me.
I am forever wiping the drops of you from my face;
today I thought I might drown
as your drops became an ocean
suffocating me into submission,
so that I might float.

Puppet Master Sequence


Primera Vez

Under the Influence

He claimed me
from the first hello kiss
hair tightly in hand
head pulled back
lips pressed hard, unyielding
tongue penetrating surprised mouth
body clamped in strong embrace
as if to say
you are Mine now, for this moment...
please don't forget it
with only a gesture,
or one small action...
his hand clamped around my wrist
fingers digging into flesh...
hands unceremoniously exploring,
my body;
eyes inspecting every pore,
every detail...
and with each touch,
each sound
each....."look at me!" command
I am deeper...
and further...
under the influence.


The Puppet

I am but a puppet on a string
my body and mind compliant,
he molds me
limbs maneuvered and plied
mind opened and explored
I am bound;
not by ropes
but something far more powerful
the "knowing" is there
no convention
no pretense
he is making me His
and I am willingly allowing myself
to be made.


impaled on his fingers,
they dance inside me
making me writhe and squirm,
moan and beg
such a responsive little cunt puppet;
does he enjoy the control
being my Puppet Master affords?

El Fin

....and I am that puppet
reveling in the blissful sensations of willful capitulation,
experiencing these feelings for the first time is like........
waking up in a room that I have been staring into for so long,
unable to enter because I didn't have the key,
now that I am inside,
I never want to leave.

The Transparency of Emotional Fabric

You are at the threshold of your life; age is not a factor for the mind knows all....is all. All that matters is born of thought, and we are, what we want to be; we are, how we craft ourselves. We hold the needle and weave it through our actions, our words. Our garment is pieced together from patches of our consciousness....illusions, hopes, realities....all are assembled by our own hands; designed by our own psyche...

Whether the fabric be sewn with sensitivity and love, or haphazardly riveted together from patches of resentment and anger. Either way, the evidence will show in the way it is worn.

The cloak, fashioned from all our experiences; meant to protect us and keep us in comfort, ironically, exposes us for all we are. In bright light we stand, surrounded by our fabric...the colors and moods of our emotions shining brightly on our sleeves.

Our cloak, lovingly and painstakingly created, has become transparent, and we are, as we were born.....vulnerable.

On the joy of wearing the transparent cloak....

It is through the embracing of my submissive qualities that I have discovered the joy and bliss of being "seen". In fact, I am so addicted to the phenomenon now that I become desperate to reveal "all", the good, the bad and the ugly. It is a purging, in a sense; a cleansing of the soul...to be interpreted, to be assessed, as never before, completely and totally...exposure to the extreme.

The revelation; the subsequent "nakedness" produces, for me, an acquiescence so blindingly pure, so raw and erotic, it is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I am there, in the moment, existing only for Him; wanting nothing more than to "consume" everything He gives me....His heart, hands, body, eyes, voice...my hunger is excruciating in its intensity.

I am alive.

Please Be Gentle With Me

Today, I don't want you to use me, or hurt me. I need you to hold me and love me, surround me and keep me safe. I want to feel your powers of protection and caring, kindness and strength...so I may melt into your circle of Dominance and feel that no harm or sadness will ever come to me, as long as I stay here, within you.

Please send Sir away.
I need my Daddy today.

He took me then and there,
it wasn't suppose to happen
we were going to talk, nothing more
I made it clear that was all I wanted
but he did it to me
became all Fatherly and loving
sympathetic yet firm
he knows what to do;
it isn't hard to play me;
as much as I didn't want it,
I could not refuse
the game is too enjoyable
and I knew what the outcome would be
before we even met.

How long since you’ve held me
So tight in your arms….
How long since you’ve whispered
Your salient charms….
Was it real?
Were you there?
Or have I manufactured
Your sharp-piercing glare?

How long since you’ve managed
My every step….
How long since you’ve beat me
Until I have wept….
Was it another lifetime ago?
I really can’t remember when….
I only know,
I need it again.

How long since your fingers
Prevented my breath….
How long since you’ve brought me
So close to death….
And only I want,
To be chained to your bed
Surrounded by sin
And forcefully fed.

So when will I feel
The love that you wield….?
From the gentlest touch
To the harshest of yield….
Your balance is brilliant
Your devil divine
I desire to be bound,
In your Dominant twine.

Come to me as a child
with pureness of vision and heart
Come to me as a princess
knowing you are the part
Come to me with your demon;
 I will tame it with my glove
Come to me with anger,
it will be subdued with violent love
Come to me with openness,
and strength enough to give
Come to me with honesty
and I will show you how to live.

Yesterday, my child succumbed to your power,
and cried
Yesterday, my tear stained body responded with gratitude,
when you held me tight
Yesterday, I was lost in a sea of stressful waves;
so you took me....
to where you knew I needed to be,
and in the taking, you too were cleansed
for as badly as I need to shed tears,
you need to create them;
thus there is symmetry
I give, you take
I take while you give
I take what you give
and in the giving....
each of us,

Does he know how badly I want to:
Drink in his darkness
Live within the depravity of his mind
Be swept away by the force of his hands
Drown in the pools of his black eyes
Sate his ferocious appetite
Respond to the command of his words
Inhale his very essence
Surrender my breath to him
Realize all his twisted fantasies
Consume his bodily fluids
Excite his carnal desires
Cry within his embrace

If I could just drift in your arms once again
I think that my world would be right
If I could exist in that moment when
I feel I will break cause you hold me so tight
If I could swim inside those eyes
that make my heart stand still
I know that I could brave what comes
however big the hill

You have held me
for so long you have held me
others have come and gone
but you have been always present
at the back of my mind
I don't know what you look like
nor who you are
and yet
you haunt me
I think now that you are not real
you are so very good at disappearing
and now I know
you were never really here to begin with.

I hate you
for causing me to ache so desperately
my body a fountain of flowing need
filled with desires that twist this mind into previously unimaginable directions

I hate you
for giving me pause to question so thoroughly
this life I currently inhabit
and the lack of nourishment it affords

I hate you
and want to jump on your body and beat you with my fists
scream my rage at your face;
shout my anger in your ear

I love you
for understanding when,
your furious child's capitulation
needs nothing more
than your particular brand of subjugation

Thermodynamics (The Temperature of Lust)

 ..because today I am repelled by the thought
but very soon
I will "need" the very thing that once repelled me
because the heat with which you convey the idea
builds pressure within
until eventually
the visuals explode in my mind
attracting me, engaging me
ever closer
my energy is boundless
molecules in motion
Faster Faster
take me...do me...make me
deliver me
before I reach
effectual entropy.

The Shell

Break it,
Sink your jagged teeth into my soul;
expose my festered, ragged thoughts...
spill my emotions and my tears,
drag me down that road of darkness;
ignore my trepidant cries,
for the foreignness of this terrain,
still finds me in perpetual perturbation....
lest I lose myself by letting go
and allowing you to take from me what you desire,
what you need...
yet I do want to relinquish,
allow my essence to be apprehended...
and that is why,
the shell must break,
before the bird can fly.

If I Never Pass This Way Again

If I never pass this way again,
where memories are ripe and true,
my heart entwined with all that's past,
my vision clear and sharp, of you,
who held me in your fold so long,
with tenderness and calming song,
safe under your watchful eye,
you hugged me as you made me cry;
my spectrum of emotions fell,
within your grasp I knew so well,
and if, by chance, our end is near,
for you, My Love, is ever dear.

In The Stillness of the Night

In the stillness of the night
he held me close and made me right
within the silence of the room
his hands caressed away my gloom
under gentle, watchful eye
he touched my skin and made me fly
and his voice was in my ears
gently soothing all my fears
and his teeth were in my skin
carving pain's delicious sin
his heart,
his essence,
he did lend;
I'm blessed to have him,
as my friend.

The Comfort of Friends

Within your arms a calmness fell,
a hallowed place I don't know well,
within your kiss I squirmed inside,
where gentle yearnings still reside
within the soft, erotic space
I melted down without a trace,
of tensions that had come before,
I happened through your provocative door.

A Place of Peace

He held me tight all through the night
my soul was bound away from flight
within his grasp I was serene
safe and warm, my ego clean;
to have that place of sacred peace
is worth the gold on my life's lease.

I Feel You

I feel you
I know nothing about you
but I feel you
at least I think I feel you....
I feel something that feels very much like the "you" I think you are
I want to feel you more
I want to feel you so deeply that it hurts
I want to feel you in every crevice of my body
until the sensation of you becomes so unbearable that I beg you to stop
I want to bleed you
so that you ooze from my pores and run down my face
as tears
I will cry you...when you give me the chance
I will cast away my fears
and let myself flow
into you

For All We've Done and All We've Been

For all that we have done and seen
For all that we have lived and been
For all the history we have made
For all the good and bad things played
For all the time that’s past since then
I know I’d do it all again...

And so I wish from deep within
That you remember where we’ve been
And always with a loving eye
I’ll look to you,
until I die.

There she is
her primal self exposed
in the blinding second of light
all was revealed
she had not been prepared
and was caught unawares
her usually guarded self
in a momentary lapse
stared into the lens;
startled by the brilliance
her fingers released the cloak
and it slipped to the floor
she heard the shutter click;
was trapped within the f-stop
while her heart raced;
cunt leaked
her mind embraced her submission
and she smiled.


You are with me
inside me
I can't explain
nor do I understand
your penetration is profound;
I could not expel you
even if I wanted to.


I wrote beauty when you were in my life
inspired by the softness I felt inside
you were my fluid muse
my silent sanctuary

I felt beauty
when you were in my life
my blood boiled with warmth
body hugged by a blanket
of turbulent calm

I was beauty
when you were in my life
invaded as I was
by all parts of you......
once upon a time

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