Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Come to Me

He says........

Come to me as a child

with pureness of vision and heart

Come to me as a princess

knowing you are the part

Come to me with your demon;

I will tame it with my glove

Come to me with anger,

it will be subdued with violent love

Come to me with openness,

and strength enough to give

Come to me with honesty

and I will show you how to live.


  1. *sigh* such exquisite writing as always, Charli!

  2. i liked this a lot, it has a nice rhythm, and i particularly like "Come to me with anger,it will be subdued with violent love ". very nice line.

    i also liked the "benevolent Dominant" tone of the poem.

  3. Thank you cutesy pah, it is so nice to get feedback on what I pen here.

    Thanks Finbar....I love the sound of "violent love" as well.....sometimes words come together and sound so bloody beautiful side by side; it is so very exciting when it "happens"....smile.