Sunday, March 8, 2009

Where Once I Dwelt

I stand from the highest mountain and wail to the skies...
I ache,
oh how I ache,
so badly,
so deeply,
every fiber of my being cries for Him;
within my deepest, darkest, depths
I know that I hunger to be rewritten;
reworked, revisited, re-invented;
If I do not allow Him to control me, guide me, discipline me,
I fear that I will disappear;
be swallowed up inside my longing,
my need,
this all encompassing desperation that fuels my every thought,
my every move;
threatens to eat me away, from the inside out...
leaving only a void,
the shell,
where once I dwelt.


  1. My poor child. I feel you so close to me, your need, your desperation. You must be careful as voids are not good and can leave permanent scars.

  2. Jonathan, I do not consider myself a "poor child"....a "hungry child" maybe, yes. As far as scarring goes, I will do my best to fill my void before any disastrous damage is