Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Dream Within A Dream

in a dark room I sit
or am I inside my dark mind....
If I reach out will my fingers touch you?
or will the attempt fade into another fantasy
where you should be
but are not

in a dark room I sit
and listen for your footsteps
my mind hears them
but my eyes remain blind
to the enigma
that is you

in a dark room I sit
knowing that my body lies in a bed
where I dream of you
coming to me, like you use to
the strong grip of your hands on my flesh
making me feel calm and protected

then I awake
to the sound of the clock
ticking out an eternity
and I finally know the truth,
that my life is only a dream....
within a dream


  1. . . . and the song ends but the band plays on . . .

  2. ohhh, please don't tell me that you've been left to struggle forward on your own! is this merely a feeling or a situation you are forced to accept? Your writings are so real, I am always reluctant to guess whether they be fantasy, fiction, or fact.

  3. smile...whether I go forward on my own or not is up to me. My writings are all real and are all situations I am experiencing, or have experienced. I have many conflictions going on in my life right now and am therefore umm.......conflicted.

  4. well, I'm glad to hear that you've not been released. I'm never glad to hear about conflictionns, unless, of course, they are imposed by the Dominant upon a consenting submissive.

    and, I think it's wonderful you have a place to write about all those experiences.

    as usual, you always make great use of the written word.