Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sharing's Sacrifice

He loves and He doth cherish me
my life I have betrothed to He
and answer to His every whim
though times to me may seem quite grim
I serve with every breath I take
no matter what he asks at stake
obeying is what I strive to do
despite the struggles may ensue
within myself sometimes exists
a battle which I must resist
for to share me is His heart's desire;
my soul doth burn with conflict's ire
tis only His hands that I need;
to feel the others, I do bleed
I pray that I will learn to please
and sacrifice possessive need
to have Him just as mine alone
and learn to share what I don't own.

Although I don't know who took this photo, I have to say that I think it is lip-smackingly erotic!


  1. Oh God yes, yes it is lip smackingly erotic.

  2. the photos you utilize in your blog are breath-taking, truly in tune with the phrase, "a picture speaks a thousand words."

    Your blog contains words and thoughts that frequently run through my mind. I often read your blog and say, "why didn't I think of that?"

    thank you for sharing such beauty and such thought-provoking words and images.

  3. I agree with you: lip smaking erotic. But all the photo's you place are beautiful, special and/or erotic....

  4., I am glad you agree!

    cutesy! That is very nice of you to say; you have made my day....thank you.

    mo....thank you mo.