Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Harder He Strikes, the Softer I Fall(Ode to a Very Special Dominant Man)

Obsession grows
Addiction peaks
the harder his hand upon my cheeks,
The more he makes me scream and cry,
the deeper my love for him
but why....
is this power so intoxicating?
its rush surreal,
the further he wields it
the more intensely I feel
these new emotions terrify me,
never have I felt so powerless,
yet so free...
for many years I've had to hide
my submissive self
deep down inside;
now, at last, the air is clear
his violent love crushing,
my self-imposed fear.

Thank you for showing me that the kind of love in my dreams
was out there to be had.

Thank you for knowing that, although I like the smell of roses, I often prefer the prick of thorns.

Thank you for filling my lungs with your Dominant air; allowing me to breathe peacefully at last......

Thank you for teaching me to be still.


  1. It tickles my heart to feel your emerging peaceful joy.

  2. smile....I appreciate your thoughts, dear friend.

  3. it still amazes me each day how my submission calms me, balances me, and centers me.

    it still amazes me how letting go doesn't mean giving up, and losing out, but instead means that I'm receiving the life and love I believed existed only in fairy tales.

    thank you for capturing the feeling and expressing it so succinctly yet with such grace and apparent ease.

    *sigh* amazing writing as always, Charli! thanks for sharing.

    cutesy pah