Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The strong grip of his hand around my neck squeezing out what could possibly be my last breath, does not frighten me. In fact it does the opposite, facilitates feelings of being owned, possessed, powerless and controlled......all of which co-mingle to enable sentiments of warmth and security in me. Ofcourse these emotions would not be engendered if complete trust was not there to begin with. He is my protector, my guardian; the one with the power to do what he wants with me. I have given him this power with the knowledge that he will not harm me, that he is in complete control of what he is doing with me, and to me, at all times. Because we have exchanged these trusts with each other we are able to reach intensely intimate places.


  1. My hand/your neck/My control/your submission/My power/your pain/My pleasure/your wetness/Our intimacy

  2. Hmmmm....well first I might have to know who you are?

  3. Great photo! And yes trust is the very beginning that leads you to total surrender. And it still amazes me, this intense beauty.....

    Hugs, moonheart