Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dominant Twine (and other nice things)

How long since you’ve held me
So tight in your arms….
How long since you’ve whispered
Your salient charms….
Was it real?
Were you there?
Or have I manufactured
Your sharp-piercing glare?

How long since you’ve managed
My every step….
How long since you’ve beat me
Until I have wept….
Was it another lifetime ago?
I really can’t remember when….
I only know,
I need it again.

How long since your fingers
Prevented my breath….
How long since you’ve brought me
So close to death….
And only I want,
To be chained to your bed
Surrounded by sin
And forcefully fed.

So when will I feel
The love that you wield….?
From the gentlest touch
To the harshest of yield….
Your balance is brilliant
Your devil divine
I desire to be bound,
In your Dominant twine.


  1. simply breath taking, Charli. I hope your return to sensual writing reflects your mood, and your life travels back to that which brings you pleasure.

    hugs and love,

  2. charli, this poem is excellent!!!
    i love it, the images are crisp, the language is original, and the rhythm is perfect.

    all that and its such a lovely love poem, full of longing and tenderness, and deep desire.