Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Game

He took me then and there,

it wasn't suppose to happen

we were going to talk, nothing more

I made it clear that was all I wanted

but he did it to me

became all Fatherly and loving

sympathetic yet firm

he knows what to do;

it isn't hard to play me;

as much as I didn't want it,

I could not refuse

the game is too enjoyable

and I knew what the outcome would be

before we even met


  1. I both love and hate those moments...those moments when you think you are in control and then poof that illusion disappears and you are at his mercy.

  2. Oh beautiful charli, i am so happy to read you again. I've missed your intense words a lot.

    Hugs from mo

  3. Yes, love/hate describes it well......

    Thank you mo, it is nice to be back.