Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Fuck this edge I walk upon;
despite the curtain being half-drawn
the pain is sharp, my feet they bleed
I suffocate before my need.

Curse this room that is half-light
and once it was so very bright
now only shadows seem to loom
in this, once sacred, sleeping room.

Fuck this life that now I mourn
infernal darkness hath been born
blood I tread throughout this space
betrays the smile upon my face.

Curse that I am stuck right here
within this conscious, sharp and clear
enrobed in egoistic shroud
to gaze at fields, left still unplowed.


  1. It's this acute self-awareness that distinguish you. It's that vivid ego that would make it interesting to *eat* your soul...

  2. Eat my soul!

    Okay....that's pretty darn hot, Gabriel!

  3. smile... thanks Charli