Friday, February 6, 2009

A Letter from Daddy

I am tired and I am hungry. Tonight I do not want to be your protector, tonight I will take you, have you, devour you. Tonight you will be my object of desire, my repository, my she-bitch to be used.....roughly and with gusto.

You will be given alcohol, enough to dissolve the bulk of your inhibitions and increase your pain threshold. I am not in the mood to be gentle with you; I will not be gentle with you. You will take what I feel like giving and you will be grateful that it is me giving it to you.

Tonight I will nourish your submissive, masochistic soul as you will, as well, feed my Dominant one. We will complement each other with an intensity not felt by most.....a richness that can only be achieved in unions such as ours. As you let me unfold you, undo you, you will know that you have arrived at the place where you most long to be.

With each tear that runs down your pretty face, each escaped plea from your precious lips, each cry that slips from you, I will know you are being released from the bonds of convention and connecting to your animal self as fundamentally and carnally as I, in turn, need to commit these crimes unto you.

Tonight my submissive little animal will be brought to fruition.

Tonight we will be free.

Any questions?


  1. So beautiful.....thank you for sharing.

    love and hugs xxx

  2. I am so envious. I can only imagine what just reading his letter did to you!


  3. This is so beautifully intense: this is what we're craving for. Right?

    Hugs, moonheart

  4., yes.

    @mo...yes mo, YES.