Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pain, Pleasure, Perversity and Power

Can you describe the intensity,
the depth?
Are words adequate to convey...
the exquisiteness,
the rush,
the flush of face and body,
His power....your surrender
of flesh, mind, spirit, soul;
knowing He is the only one
He is special;
you grok each other;
the need is implicit
and always present
appetites constant;
ravenously expressed
over and over
in His use and consumption
of your flesh,
your mind,
your will,
and the reciprocity of gratitude
to Him
for having chosen you;
for learning you,
for taking you to the place
of pain, pleasure, perversity and power...
His power
your surrender...
again and again.


  1. charli, this is intense, i think you captured the all consuming intensity of the moment.


  2. Wow great picture! And your words are, as always, intense, deep and very beautiful.

    I wish you a great weekend Charli.

    Hugs from mo

  3. @Finbar....your opinion means much to me, I am glad you felt that which I was trying to convey.

    @mo...thank you mo, it is so nice to be with you again.