Tuesday, February 17, 2009


You squeeze it from my willing body
hands tight, neck constricted
lust penetrating, eyes entwined
you are consuming me;
I am begging to be consumed,
your pliable pleasure puppet
take my breath
I trust you to leave my life
and therein lies the power
and exquisite erotic control
that you have
during this amusement...
your grip strengthens
I leak and purr
then you release;
whisper the words
good girl
quivering before you
until your hands close
and I become once again,


  1. Oh goodness......I can SO relate to this. M loves breathplay.

    love and hugs xxx

  2. this with out a doubt is one of the most erotic activities of edge play, or at least for me it is. i even wrote a poem about it.

    Breath control.
    by f-cynyr ©

    I hold you wrapped in
    the garrote of my hands,
    I hold you captive in the
    cage of my fingers.

    desperate, you tug and pull,
    struggling in your flight,
    the darkness of my practiced hands
    suffocate you into bliss...

    ... my knowing hands
    unravel you, spill you
    out to the dark. the ropes
    of my body choke heaven
    into your eyes,
    then in the golden moment
    I coil you back.

    hope you don't mind me quoting some of it.

    breath control really does illustrate the fundamental core of trust in a D/s relationship.

  3. Sometimes I think
    Our heads might be enclosed
    Closer together upon the pillow's space,
    And how into the dark deeps of your eyes
    I'd look and think of angels. Then your breath
    And all the aura of your body's breathing
    Intoxicatedly would overwhelm me
    And I would die. For it is too much
    That such a thing should be and I should live.
    Surely the thought is greater than reality,
    The sum of you and love outsteps infinity.

  4. @M:e....and you? How do you feel about it?

    @Finbar...I don't mind at all, in fact I know your poem and think it's lovely...and I agree, it is definitely one of the most exquisite illustrations of the "trust bond" in a D/s union.

    @Jonathan....it is beautiful Jonathan, thank you.

  5. I sometimes think I'm a strange girl.....I've never not liked anything we've done together....but I think that's the important part of the equation. Its not about the activity for me, its about it being with him. That's always made all of it exciting.

    love and hugs xxxx

  6. Not strange at all M:e, I understand completely.