Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What the Heck!

I have taken some flack lately for posting an article written by Dr. Phil. I posted this piece of writing, which I found in a magazine, because it touched something inside and helped me to recognize the fact that I have, in my lifetime, done many things solely to please others and have sacrificed my personal beliefs and philosophies to keep the peace and maintain equilibrium.

The article was clear and powerful, it evoked emotion within me and I know that if something has moved me in some way, there is 100% probability it will have the same effect on someone else.

This is the reason that I posted "Free Yourself from Fear".

All I know of Dr. Phil is that he has a show on TV, which I have never seen, and has written some books, which I have never read.

I did not judge the author or the source but simply accepted the fact that the message was powerful to me. As my friend David put it.....some individuals have let the messenger overshadow the message.


  1. "some individuals have let the messenger overshadow the message."
    Just forget about them. If they can't understand your post "Free yourself from fear" and its context they certainly aren't capable of appreciated your blog and the intensity that you give us through some of your notes.
    But I understand that it can be annoying and that it might necessitate such an explanation...

  2. I would tend to agree with Gabriel, though I often believe the adage that those who get it won't need the explanation and those who need the explanation probably still won't get it.

    Sorry I've been a bit quiet here recently...its a busy time of the year for me so I'm keeping up with everyone through my reader, just not finding much time to comment. I LOVED 'Please'...if I'd been paid for every time I've said that to Master and honestly not known what I meant at that precise moment, I'd be a VERY rich woman!

    love and hugs xxx

  3. Hi Charli,
    David is correct. When a message of any kind moves you, it doesn't matter whatsoever who the messenger is. I'm glad you posted "Free Yourself From Fear", because as you know, I saw bits of myself in there, and it gives me new resolve to just be me.


  4. Dear Charli, if anyone truly took the time to absorb you through the beautiful words you pen they would not, for one second, be deterred by the post in question.

    It is not hard to see you have a good sense of who you are and what you are about.

    Listen Charli, listen.

  5. Gabriel, M:e, blueeyes and Jonathan.....I thank you very much for your comments and support.

    I have held a somewhat romantic notion that people that read these sorts of blogs, and live this sort of lifestyle, possess a slightly greater expanse of non-judgmental openmindedness, than the "average" person.

    I realize how naive that sounds and suppose that being a sexually-deviant nonconformist in one area of life does not necessitate thinking outside the box in any other area.

    So there you go. Live and learn.