Monday, February 2, 2009

The Curiousity of Cathectic Consumption

He questions me:

How much do you adore me?
Enough to pretend that you don't?
Clinging to the earthy tendrils of your current existence
with renewed ferocity and strength,
hoping to drown out the overwhelming cathectic consumption
that threatens to stifle your every breath?
That much?
Or more?
What will you endure for me?
How many of my words must you imbibe in order to calm your nerves?
Will words suffice?
You, who hunger strikes so fervently,
Starve for me...I dare you,
I dare you to walk the tightrope;
observe your life melting away below your feet
as the air of lust wraps around you
ever tighter,
while I watch you struggle to break free,
from lust's carnal embrace,
and smile.

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