Thursday, February 26, 2009

Puppet Master Sequence

Primera Vez

Under the Influence

He claimed me
from the first hello kiss
hair tightly in hand
head pulled back
lips pressed hard, unyielding
tongue penetrating surprised mouth
body clamped in strong embrace
as if to say
you are Mine now, for this moment...
please don't forget it
with only a gesture,
or one small action...
his hand clamped around my wrist
fingers digging into flesh...
hands unceremoniously exploring,
my body;
eyes inspecting every pore,
every detail...
and with each touch,
each sound
each....."look at me!" command
I am deeper...
and further...
under the influence.


The Puppet

I am but a puppet on a string
my body and mind compliant,
he molds me
limbs maneuvered and plied
mind opened and explored
I am bound;
not by ropes
but something far more powerful
the "knowing" is there
no convention
no pretense
he is making me His
and I am willingly allowing myself
to be made.


impaled on his fingers,
they dance inside me
making me writhe and squirm,
moan and beg
such a responsive little cunt puppet;
does he enjoy the control
being my Puppet Master affords?

El Fin

....and I am that puppet
reveling in the blissful sensations
of willful capitulation,
experiencing these feelings for the first time
is like........
waking up in a room that I have been staring into for so long,
unable to enter because I didn't have the key,
now that I am inside,
I never want to leave.

Art: Michael Parkes, Puppet Master


  1. charli, i really enjoyed this, nice word choice, strong images, and nice progression. well done.
    also enjoyed your openness, your transparance and honesty.

  2. Finbar, your praise means much to me, coming from a writer I so greatly admire.

    Thank you.