Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Road Not Taken

I'll never really know, will I...
if I've made the right choice
by choosing to veer off onto the road less traveled;
Yes, it's made all the difference
but the path is strewn with thorns and brambles
and so I wonder...
if I'm walking toward my destiny
or perhaps took the wrong turn, a few miles back.

Life is a gamble;
we never know what is behind door number 2...or 3;
if I believe everything happens for a reason,
then I have nothing to worry about;
my path is set out for me;
yes, I would like to believe that a power, greater than myself,
is watching over me;
it would be a comfort to really "feel" that truth right now.
Okay, so be it.

I have told him that I am leaving,
So I will leave;
Let the wings of destiny take me where they want to go.


  1. Godspeed charli, we will hold you in our hearts. We could talk about two way roads and the ability to turn back, but I think you will be fine. You are strong and capable, this is not a hasty decision you have made, you have worried over it for a long time...

    Live long and prosper.

  2. charli, i know that the decision has taken great strength, i hope only the best for you. your honesty is admirable. i hope in the coming months tho they will be hard, that you will find the will and strength to follow your hearts desire.

    good luck and my thoughts will be with you.


  3. charli, words are not enough to express the support and love i am feeling right now for you, your soul and the beautiful spirit that is your essence... Courageous, delicate, passionate strong and beautiful are only a few words that come to mind when i think of you. Your friend, charlie... holding you tighly right now

  4. Dear David, I want to thank you so much for your friendship and support over the last couple of years. It has/does mean much to me.

    Finbar, Thank you for your always inspirational and kind words; whether leaving comments here or writing your beautiful poetry, words you have penned always bring me pleasure.

    Charlie, my new and lovely friend. You have been my rock over the last few days. I look forward to further developing and deepening our friendship. Thank you.

  5. All the best to you .. congratulations for being so strong and brave .
    I am in awe of your determination.
    You truly are an inspiration.

  6. Gosh Nancy! I don't feel at all capable of inspiring anyone, least of all myself, at the moment, but I am very grateful for your kind words, and if I am what you say, I am very pleased...thank you.

  7. Big hug!! you brave woman. To follow your heart is always the right road. But i do understand it's hard at this moment, because of the pain and tears..... and you don't wanna hurt him...
    My <3 goes out for you.
    XXX moonheart

  8. Brave? Am I brave...I am not so sure; perhaps it is only a desperation, of sorts. Anyway, thank you.