Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Demons

I'm getting out of hand again
and need to find my Dominant friend
the one who knows just what I need
when my inner beast I start to heed
he knows just how to reign me in
and so the process can begin
of subjugating me awhile
in Daddy-fashion Dominant style,
he knows just how to cut the cord
and how much slack he can afford
or when to draw and when to fold
to make me do what I am told.......


My demons now are dark and near
their whispers constant in my ear
they sabotage the words I say
to make the "good" me go away
they need to be crushed to the ground
and humbled by a cane-like sound
or spanked down with a hand would do
until my flesh burned through and through
until my screams subdued the force
these beasts within that run their course
which need your firm and Dominant hand
to bring me back to calmer land.


  1. Beautifully written. I know that out of hand feeling well.

  2. *chuckling* Leave the damned demons aside for a bit!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, charli!!!


  3. It's your birthday? Make it wonderful!


  4. Wow - intrigued even more charli. You do belong - the journey will reveal it for you. Trust yourself.


  5. Birthday today? Happy rest of your new life... you will make it!

  6. Thank you Aurore...I am glad you understand.

    Thanks for the birthday greetings guys....very kind of you! HUG

    Thanks Robert.