Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reality Bites

Back to Ontario, where reality lives;
grown up decisions are begging to be made but...
those all around me are drowning in chaos,
while chaos is the last thing that I want to see,
shall I push them away,
disregard their pleas;
concentrate only on me?


If I sit long enough without making a decision
maybe a decision will be made without me?
while I type out these words
all creatively like....
things will just happen, whilst I sip my tea...

Cause the truth will be told,
and I'll tell it in case
I've not glimpsed the direction,
that I'm meant to face...
oh sure I've had inklings,
and smidgeons or two,
but no clear-cut pathway,
of what I'm s'pose to do.


  1. Ok, I just had to say that you really should give those of us with a SNAKE PHOBIA some sort of warning before scrolling down to this picture!!!! Boy, oh boy, I've got so much adrenaline pumping through me right now I could run a marathon!!!

  2. *smile* sorry Mimi my Dear.....HUG