Friday, April 23, 2010

In absentia.....

I apologize for my absence as of late.

I am trapped in the fog of life, at the moment; trying to find my so many of you, like so many of us.

The path is slowly clearing and I can now see one foot, as it is placed before the other....which is a good thing....

So I expect to be back, and literarily inspired, very shortly.


In the meantime, I need you to smile and I need you to laugh. I need you to understand that life is short and there is no point in allowing it to swallow you up whole, until you are a sour lemon of a being, stinging people's eyes whenever you squirt.


  1. *smile*

    I'm very happy for you Charli. I was starting to get worried about what happened to you but many blogs I follow recently reduced their activity and I thought it was a general movement toward facebook or another new social medium.

    I wish you a good day, and I hope you'll be able to start posting again very soon :)

  2. Good to see you return and hope you will become a regular blogger again.


  3. Good to see you Charli. I've missed you and think of you often.

    I shall heed your advice to keep smiling and laughing; it feels good!

  4. I've missed you. Its nice to see you writing. Blessings!

  5. I'm glad you are still here. I was wondering life was going for you. I look forward to getting your inspiring words. :)

    You put a rather comical image in my head with the line... "stinging people's eyes whenever you squirt"

  6. Dear Charli,

    it has been a long time ago since my last comment.
    Life indeed, pulling and swallowing me up.
    I hope life is treating you well and that there are little sunbeams that clears the fog.

    xxx moonheart

  7. Hi,

    Hope you get back to blogging soon. Thanks for the comment and you are now listed and linked at

    When you get time if you could also put a link here at your site it would help spread the word for everyone:)

    Good luck, take care and thanks again.


  8. I hope you are doing well and send a hug dig in and write it makes the world all the more beautiful.