Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On the Power of Hugs

My desire to be embraced is sometimes so powerful that I start to grow panicky.  I now really know how those poor elderly people that I visit in the nursing homes feel.  The need for human contact, human touch, is an intense and biting hunger.  When an older person that has been without physical contact is embraced, he clings to you in a desperate, childlike way. I feel what that is like, I know what that is like.  A few long months ago I craved the sexually forceful touch of a Dominant male; now I simply want to be encompassed/consumed within a safe harbor of masculine strength.  I am, obviously, in a different place at the moment.

It is a hunger, like any other, but, honest to goodness, I often feel as though I am starving to death.


  1. Very true point about the elderly. Even the ones not in nursing homes. Our society lessens them, disregards them, pushes them aside.

    I'm going to go hug my mom.


    I am a sensualist and I love touch and hugs. Many times the hug and touch are all I need...penetration is not necessary.

    BIG HUG to you CharlieB

  2. You can never have too many hugs.

    Nice post.


  3. *Smiles over at you before he slips his arms around you, drawing you in close. His arms pressing you against his chest as they wrap around your form in a strong warm embrace. One hand softly stroking your head and hair* Hope that's enough of a meal to tide you over Charli..

  4. Have both is the same man is a rarity... i do know i'm fucking lucky