Friday, December 17, 2010

Good Tidings I bring....

I am here!  So sorry to have left you for so long but, you know, life and all........

It is the Christmas break.  I have no school for 3 weeks.  I finished my final exams and have done extremely well in all my courses. 

I would like nothing more than to rest for the next few days but I have social commitments that I need to uphold.  I have arranged it so that my downtime will come after Christmas and I plan to not do much of anything, except travel to where the Rainman lives and allow him to Daddy me.   *sigh*   I am very much looking forward to that.  He knows how to love me, he knows how to be strict with me, but, best of all.....he knows how to combine the two.  He is turning out to be a very good "Taken in hand" type of man, which pleases me greatly; as I have been so preoccupied with my studies, I am looking forward to living and breathing sex for a while.....I am pretty sure I can do that!

On another note, living alone is wonderful!  I get a secret little thrill from closing my very own apartment door behind me, when I get home at night...shutting the stressful world out of my life and escaping to my little oasis of calm.  It makes me smile and it makes me happy.  How nice is that?

I wish you Happy Holidays and hope the year ahead is, well.....whatever you want it to be!



  1. I'm glad to have some news =) I wish you a Zen & Kinky holiday. And it seems like you've found your Daddy ! That's great news ! If he really inspires you during your depraved vacations ^^

    Let me recap : you've found the man who can love you the way you want, you are really involved in your studies and having your own little oasis (other than the blog) is really nice. I'd say that the divorce and its fallouts were, well, complicated but that it was definitely worth it =)

    Have a good evening ^^

  2. finished my final exams and have done extremely well
    Why am I not surprised to hear this??

    Enjoy the holiday, and then enjoy being his.

    I am glad your world is coming together for you.

    Holiday Hugs

  3. OutSTANDing!!!!

    Congrats and YAHOOOOOOOOOO

    Wishing you a warm, wonderful, erotic, sensual and sexually- exhausting stay and a very happy 2011.

    Hugs and XOXOXO --


  4. Happy New Year (belated).

    You have settled into you new life and I am glad that you are enjoying it.


  5. Happy (very belated) New Year to you as well H.