Friday, February 11, 2011

Where Need Becomes Desire

So tortuous the longing still
the nights of twisted thoughts to fill
the thirst, impossible to sate
I lie again in wait.

I need Him to guide me and take care of me...
to love me
to spank me when I am flying out of control
to sit down and talk to me when I need counsel
to slap me when I forget who I am talking to
to hug me when I need comfort
to use me as He sees fit.

I need these boundaries in order to feel secure in my skin
while safely snuggled in His embrace.

I need to make Him smile...
to love Him
to be submissive to Him
to help and support Him
to try and give Him what He wants
and let Him take what He needs.


  1. You're still alive ! I feared the Rainman had eaten you.

    That's a really troubling post... It's less intense than the *old* you but it seems more concrete, which might be a good thing.

    Have a nice day, dark muse :)

  2. May all your needs be met and desires fulfilled.


  3. Well that is a nice thought H.! I hope they are, and yours too!!

  4. No Gabriel, the Rainman wants to keep me around!

    I am not the "intense & dark" creature of does not fit me.

    Realizing this, IS a good thing.

  5. How lucky is the man you call "him". I hope I will find some one like you some day

  6. I hope you do as well, Peter.

  7. you are truly a gifted writer. It is rare that one can give so nakedly. It is refreshing.

    Mz Christine