Saturday, June 4, 2011

Only Me

I am only me;
I will be only me
where no one can reach me
and there is no responsibility
for loved ones
who have no ears...
where sorrow and heartache
are far away
and my tears do not fall
on wasted shoulders;
I will not love to the point
of fearing death
for those that never care
for themselves
enough to live
for me.


  1. I missed the RSS update, sorry for my late comment.
    Is that a general "coup de blues" or is it the end of some relationship ?
    You sound so alone, it makes me sad and I want to give you another hug...
    Sounds like a family matter but it could be less serious.

  2. Gabriel...It is both a family matter and a relationship is challenging as we, and the people we love, grow old.

    Buddha...Thank you.