Monday, April 20, 2009

The Take-Down

He says...

I will break you...
knock down your walls
one by one
take you down down down
to ground zero
that scary place, where your fantasies reside

I will drag you...
into the chasm of darkness
and rip you to shreds
reducing you to nothing
but a sodden pile,
of wailing tears

I will push you over the edge...
not worrying about your descent,
or hesitating in my take-down,
for my strength grows...

as your walls crumble,

as our bond deepens,

as I help you travel,

to the place you need to be.

and then...

I will rebuild you
hug by hug;
kiss by kiss
with loving care
and conscientious effort
my little girl will know,
she has finally arrived.


  1. Thanks for this great text Charli. I don't know anyone else who can translate this intense process into such delicious words. Coming back on your blog is always enjoying.

    "my little girl will know,
    she has finally arrived."
    And her dominant will know
    that their journey is just starting.

    I think that the picture might be even better is the women was famished but I might be going too far...

  2. Well said!! such an accurate description of the fear we submissives feel as our world as we know it is ripped away and replaced with that of our Masters!

    it takes great trust and, dare I say it, love, to allow one to go so deep into our psyche without pulling back before we reach the bottom.

    This, as the skin horse said, is becoming real.

  3. Yes Charli, good girl. I have long gleaned from your writing that this is the level that will truly transport you. Not a place to visit often, but a necessary step nonetheless.