Monday, February 8, 2010

More than 2

I went to my first kinky-people-gathering/play party the other night.....very nervous and not knowing what to expect, either in what I was going to "see", or in what my reaction to what I "saw" would be. It was a private play party and the people in attendance were all friends and very nice and personable individuals. What I very much enjoyed was simply being in a room full of unconventional people and being able to talk about whatever....the whatever including all manner of! How very liberating that was!

What I was not comfortable with, was the play part. Watching people undress and engage in stuff, took me way out of my comfort zone. I felt as though I was intruding into their private space and that I should not have been there. Now I know that is not how "they" felt, but still.....I felt how I felt.

See, to me, sexual interactions between two people "are", or should be, meaningful and intense.....private and intimate. (Does that make me prudish?) To expose yourselves to the outside world somehow lessens the specialness of the intimacy; it does indeed become "play" for play sake. Now, obviously, for many people, that is part of the appeal, whether they be exhibitionistic, or perhaps just view the experience as a chance to share and feed off the sexual energy of other kinky people engaging in scenes around them.

Whatever the case may be, I am not sure that, other than curiosity, I will ever be able to derive much from the public play experience. Not being one to give up easily, however, I will definitely "try" this out again......*smile* As I said earlier, just being in an environment with alt-minded people, is/was, in itself, a very refreshing endeavor.


  1. Congrats on taking in the experience. I have never been to a play party. I most likely will not ever, but never say never. I am not necessarily opposed to attending. It's just that "play" and the reasons for such a thing's existence are not MY need in the lifestyle.

    I like power exchange. I'm not into bondage, pain, latex, shibari, knife play or any other fetish. I simply like to submit and serve. That is between me and my partner. No need for play.

    Like you I view "play" for playing sake. That's okay for those that need an outlet for getting their need met.

    Anyway...I am quite the voyeur so I hope to attend a club event just to have the experience and watch the various goings-on.

    Recently I attended a subSIG, I did find it liberating to have discussion about any and everything sexual, submissive, and BDSM. Oh we drifted into non-sexual content, too but it was so refreshing to be able to talk so openly about sexuality.

  2. Dear girl
    I am glad you finally took the first step into your new life, all these experiences are important for you to obtain a wellrounded view of what is out there in the big world. You have lead a sheltered existence and it is wise to see all there is to see, having said that, it is not necessary for your to enjoy all you see as each one of us is different and we all pull our unique takes on what goes on around us. Public play does nothing for me but serve as a learning tool as do workshops, etc. To each his own. What happens between myself and my pet mostly stays between the two of us but that is what we are both comfortable and happy with. Whatever works, works.
    You are a brave and beautiful girl. Don't ever change.

  3. Thanks for your comments time I go to any kind of public play, it will be in an anonymous way so I can be a fly on the wall and just watch with wide-eyed amazement at the antics around me.

    Dear Jonathan, thank you for sharing with me; as usual you are very kind; I do appreciate your words and encouragement.

  4. Yes charli I am kind and while you are a beautiful and brave girl we both know you are also a very naughty one. We know what is needed to keep you happy and complete don't we charli? I hope that soon you will find the man that can give you the direction, guidance and discipline that you need in your life. Truly I do.