Thursday, February 11, 2010

What to do when you want more than kinky sex OR Weed them vanilla beans carefully

Fucking Idiots! I'm sorry but the horditudes of men on Collarme that have nics with sir, lord or master in them is unbelievable.....and then!!! and then they write in their profiles they are looking for subs to serve them, cater to their needs, rub their fucking shoulders and oh oh!...the subs must be in good physical shape and have great bodies to serve them by. Good grief! I have really had it! You know, tis a real shame as I have met some rather nice individuals on that site over the last couple of years but it has really gone downhill....wayyyyyy down hill! It seems to attract the sex grovelers mostly now and not as many "real" people that are actually looking for an honest relationship. Please excuse the profanity, but GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

What a shame! I guess it is onto vanilla sites for me. I shall have to pick my vanilla beans very carefully to find ones that have dominant bits cause.......

I am not perfect
nor unique
I tend to wander when I speak
I'm just your average female joe
trying to run my life-like show
and yes perhaps I feel the need
to be submissive; pay him heed
but on vanilla sites I go
for CM men, I don't wanna know
so how to pick the D/s among
the many men just there for fun
not only D, but long term too
cause casual for me, won't do
so with my list of subbie needs
I weed and stream vanilla seeds
in hopes a fertile one will show
and we can make the D/s grow.

*sigh* Trials and tribulations.


  1. Wonderful prose and thoughts.

    I am not familiar with CollarMe but being on fetlife I have heard several CollarMe refugees complain about the quality of people going down on CM

    You're so creative...that makes me smile.


  2. Such a stern look!!! Yes, I fear that CM is just a kind of OKCupid with dirty words. I think FetLife had some potential in the beginning but was quickly infiltrated by the gimme gang.

    The truth of the matter is that there are far to few truly kinky D/s people to populate and support any kind of site like that. Most of the people I have talked to who have met people on lie, did it through the more traditional sites, with a keen eye, such as you suggest.

  3. To add to that complaint - I keep coming across the same people over and over. Are the options really that limited? *sighs*

  4. You make me smile. I have never heard you swear before. It is evident you feel very strongly on this subject. You are an amusing girl charlib. I agree it is very difficult finding a soul who shares your same desires but it can be done with patience. I wish you the best as always.

  5. Cme is a sad representation of the range of potential suitors there are out there. Trust me, it is as bad for a male as a female on Cme. Nutbars abound with either sex and though I have no instant solution I would recommend from my limited experience that one should grow their relationship on other aspects first and then move into D/s.

    BTW...big fan of your poetry.

  6. Hi MT! Thank you for your kind words re my poetry.

    The problem with cultivating a relationship before the D/s is that you just never know if you are going to be compatible (D/s wise). Each person is so individual in their wants and needs that, to be honest, it is miraculous to me that anyone ever finds anyone to "grow" anything with.

    The challenge ensues.

  7. *smile* I like that David...."CM is just a kind of OKCupid with dirty words"...I am not sure exactly "how" to have a keen eye, in this regard, but....

    Thanks Hedone...I am glad I make you smile!

    Yes Aurore, same people over and over again...I guess that kind of tells you that CM is not doing its job?

  8. In my experience, nothing is better than reality to find potential (and compatible) partners. And thanks to all the "brainwashing" done by Barbara Cartland, Harlequin, etc there's often the hint of a submissive in a woman that can be developed as long as you're a good communicator.

  9. I see, and how do I "develop" a hint of dominance in the men? Ask them how they would feel about making me cry?

  10. I have been stumbling across dominants on craigslist who only posted very general ads with no indication of their kink. Funny business, it makes me wonder what the devil God is getting up to.