Monday, August 23, 2010

Dating Sites

My observations:

According to their tag lines, most men are looking for one of the following:

their "one"
their last true love
a decent honest woman
a down to earth woman
a sincere woman
a simple woman (good one)
a sensible woman

You have to wonder how many of these tag lines are code for........a woman to fuck.  I don't like to be negative but I am betting there are alot of serial daters on these sites; men and women.

The majority of men have:

dogs, children, motorcycles or cars that they love getting their picture taken beside......especially dogs and children

A good percentage of men are 5' 8" or under

I'd say 80% of profiles contain spelling and/or grammar mishaps

Most profiles are very short, 5 lines or less, so contain very little information about the person


It is necessary to have a strong stomach for this kind of thing; I don't find it easy at all, whether on vanilla or BDSM sites.  Having said that, I suppose it is better than meeting men in bars or at parties but, it becomes rather confusing after a while; the faces, words, and names all blend in together and, while there could be a GREAT man amongst them, it becomes difficult to SEE.

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