Monday, December 7, 2009

I Feel You

I feel you
I know nothing about you
but I feel you
at least I think I feel you....
I feel something that feels very much like the "you" I think you are
I want to feel you more
I want to feel you so deeply that it hurts
I want to feel you in every crevice of my body
until the sensation of you becomes so unbearable that I beg you to stop
I want to bleed you
so that you ooze from my pores and run down my face
as tears
I will cry you...when you give me the chance
I will cast away my fears
and let myself flow
into you


  1. Your naked honesty and raw sensuality shines through in your writings. These gifts must touch many deeply. I will contact you on Fetlife or CM.


  2. This is beautiful!

    May I share this on my profile giving you full credit, of course?

    Peace & Love,