Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Missing Pieces

I understand the desperate need;
I understand the intense hunger;
I understand the pain, which borders on inconsolable loneliness and a feeling of isolation.

It is not a cry to be dominated, nor a cry to dominate,

It is a plea to be understood and accepted,
It is an appeal to be known,
It is a powerful hope that someone out there holds the missing pieces,
to our puzzle.


  1. Yes, that is it exactly!

    Beautifully articulated.

  2. Is there a trick somewhere ? Just right there you've given us the missing pieces : understanding, love, tolerance, and lots of energy to explore your mind, your soul and your body in order to *know* you.

    Aha ! Now I can see the missing piece that wasn't in your text... The emotional scars brought upon yourself when you were mutilated parts of yourself in order to fit in the tiny space in life you had been attributed... That's when you lost the missing piece without even realizing it, and now that you can see the pieces there's no one who sees them and who can put them back into you, rebuilding one of the most *alive* woman on earth. And that might be why you feel isolated : no one can see either your scars or the missing pieces, and everyone who tries to approach you will stumble upon your scars and re-ignite the excruciating pain. The will is there but the means aren't.

    Please tell me how wrong I am dearest Charli.

  3. Come here, Gabriel...and I will tell you how "right" you are.

    Thank you, Temptress.