Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The War Within

The beasts are after me again, their long dark claws tearing at my sanity until I scream blue murder in their general direction and they fall silent for a short while. They have left me alone for the better part of 25 years; I was quite sure I had killed them back then, my young troubled frame fighting them off at every turn until finally, it seemed, I had won......until now.

Too much turmoil lurking under my skin, I suppose. The black creatures have sensitive ears, that much I remember; they were always listening for the shouts of agonized angst from within my head; licking their lascivious lips at my pain. So they have found me again, the creatures of calamity, monsters of misery.

I don't know where my soldiers have gone. They went AWOL years ago when they no longer felt they were needed. I do battle against my demons with what little ammunition I can find; but they're gathering strength and know I am worn and feeble, the perfect target for starvacious predators.

Vigilance is necessary with every breath; constantly I monitor the darkness that threatens to overtake my every move. If words could kill I would write an artillery of pages aimed at the hearts of my silent stalkers; shoot letters of rage into their black horrid eyes; fell them until they lay dead and bleeding amongst the vowels and the consonants, of my life.


  1. I truly hope all your dreams for Christmas come true…

    Hope, peace and love…


    Ps: I would meet you under the mistletoe anytime.

  2. I know the monsters you speak of only too well myself. Words can kill. Write them into oblivion.

    May you Christmas be filled with joy, may the dark corners in which the monsters lurk be filled light and may you find peace, not only today (Christmas) but forever more.

  3. Charli,

    I hope that you find relief from your beasts. Have a Merry Christmas and hopefully the New Year will bring you what you desire.

  4. @Winters reaper...thank you for your kind words.

    @Aix...Your words are appreciated, Aix; I hope that you, as well, are able to keep the dark corners from creeping in.

    @Aurore...and a Happy New Year to you as well, Aurore...thank you.