Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I See You

I don't write words here with the aim to receive any kind of reward. My words are personal and hold meaning to "me"; I can only hope that those that pass by my page leave it with something that holds meaning to "them". While there are many that visit without leaving a trail, there are a few dear souls who leave comments or send email. To discover that a a few thoughts from my mind can link me, soulfully, with kindred spirits around the world, fills my heart with a light that is hard to describe. I have been traveling along this road for several months now and it is those of you I am able to touch in some small way, that touch "me" in a very very large way.

I thank you all. Those that pass silently and those that leave a trace.

We are connected. I see you.


  1. as you you grow you change the world - we are all connected :)



  2. I see you too Charli. And I love this place because you've put so much of your repressed (?) self into it and because the journey you chose is very similar to my idea of the ideal journey.

    More than your dark, sensual and fierce identity, its your hunger for intensity that won me over.

    Thank you Charli =)

  3. No David....I see "you"!

    Yes John, I feel that connection more and more.

    *smile*...thank you Gabriel. My journey is a journey. The path is rocky and long but there are many rewards if I look for them in the right places. My hunger for intensity or my intense hunger? They are both equally as valid.

    Awwww, thank you so much, Aurore, for your beautiful words and sentiments. HUG