Friday, January 15, 2010

If I Never Pass This Way Again

If I never pass this way again,
where memories are ripe and true,
my heart entwined with all that's past,
my vision clear and sharp, of you,
who held me in your fold so long,
with tenderness and calming song,
safe under your watchful eye,
you hugged me as you made me cry;
my spectrum of emotions fell,
within your grasp I knew so well,
and if, by chance, our end is near,
for you, My Love, is ever dear.


  1. Beautiful charli, absolutely lovely.

    I just had a simlar thought yesterday, perhaps we are in tune?

    I cannot accept or imagine the end of my days, and never having held you in my arms again.

  2. This text is so confusing but it's beautiful :)
    I hope someone will write me such a tender note one day.
    Congrats Charli !

  3. I hope someone will write me a tender note like this one day too Gabriel! I have yet to meet a man who will write pretty words to sad. These words mark the end of a relationship Gabriel, so there are no congratulations needed.