Monday, January 25, 2010

No Shortage of Oddities

I was reading on CM about a man who wants to train women to be used as toilets. He says he will "break" them, then train them to be full-service (skat) toilets on command. He doesn't want a girlfriend or a wife, he wants no-limit slaves and garbage disposals. For some reason I would really like to meet this individual; find out what motivates him, what horrible events he had to endure as a child that may have brought him to this depraved place. I mean, what kind of a person "is" this anyway? His profile is well written and articulate; he obviously has a brain. I am bizarrely curious.

Let's not even mention the females who are going to respond favorably to this wonderful offer.


It is all rather sad.

The oddities and complexities of life never cease to amaze me.


  1. Hello dearest Charli,

    you could try searching female slaves using the word "toilet" in their profile and you'd see the exact opposite of this man's profile. My guess is that he just want to use a woman and he changes his offers to match the requests. He's more like a predator who knows what kind of lure to use in order to attract the most malleable prey. Not unlike some/most politicians.

    He's going for the lowest hanging fruit because it's the easiest to catch and because he doesn't really want to invest himself in this relationship.

    That being said, I should add that because most of the best french actresses have played roles where they were submissives (or masochists) who enjoyed being pissed on, I find this attraction quite normal.

    As a matter of fact, Isabel Huppert played in "La pianiste" which won countless awards like best actress and the "Grand Prix du Festival" while the book received a nobel prize in literature.

    And while references to this type of relations are transparent in Europe and hidden but as (or more) present in North America, the context is different. What we have here is just a low functioning psycopath who wants to abuse someone while avoiding jail. It's a failed relationship from the start and, well, it's sad.

  2. I believe I've read the exact same profile - I have to say I can't understand what anyone would want to use a woman as a toilet - isn't that why we invented toilets to get away from using other things like holes in the ground? Basically, this man wants a live hole in the ground. It disturbs me on many levels. But if it floats your boat and you can find someone to use...who am I do judge?

    I once had a man ask me if I was into K9 (yes, it's exactly what you're thinking), I promptly ended our conversation.

  3. Gabriel...I honestly can't begin to guess what motivates or drives this bizarre creature but the different ways of "being" that I discover daily are totally fascinating to me.

    Aurore...obviously he gets off on extreme humiliation and degradation of women. Who knows why, could be many reasons. K9 seems to be a rather popular fantasy for many, both women and men.

  4. One persons kink and fantasy is always anothers "Ewwwwwwww".

    As for me.... big time Ewwww on scat.

  5. We had a very prominent TV personality here in Australia that was infamous for his skat predilection. I don't think it is necessarily a sign of a psychopath just one of those endless varieties of kink.

  6. I agree, not necessarily a psychopath.....but what???....that is what I am curious about.