Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Big Tease

Teasing, in one form or another (verbally or sexually), is the hallmark of D/s.

The teaser is in a position of power as the receiver is made to blush, be uncomfortable, or be kept on edge.

Sexual encounters/play can last for hours in this type of relationship and it is important to remember that the underlying emotion/concept for both partners is one of control or ownership.  The lower partner is willingly allowing herself to be led, in order to please the Upper one.

The fun can start over dinner with the Upper partner ordering dinner for the 2 of them, without asking what the lower partner wants.  He can ask her to spread her legs, or push them apart with his legs....or instruct her to sip her wine only when he tells her to.  He can talk about what he is going to do to her when they get home......the erotic excitement begins.

On the way home, instead of holding her hand, he encircles her wrist and clenches tightly, instilling in her a feeling of being owned/controlled.

By the time they get home she is already wet with anticipation as he tells her to take off her clothes for him, while he sits on the sofa watching.  She awkwardly and shyly removes her clothing, spinning around slowly as he directs her to.

She is told to go into the bedroom and lie on her back on the bed.   He stands over the bed while she stares up at him from her supine position.   Spread your legs for me little's time for a cunt inspection.   A million emotions flood her body as she fights the urge to get up and run away.   She moans and writhes, not wanting to do it, yet desperately wanting to do it.   Her face turns dark red as she slowly, hesitantly, does as he has asked.

The man stands there, fully clothed, staring down at her naked, open body.  She hides her face with her arms, embarrassment overcoming her.  Take your arms away from your face and look at me.   She does as he requests, feeling the heat spread from her face all the way down her exposed body.

He takes pleasure in her awkwardness; her willingness to put herself in this uncomfortable situation in order to please him.

She is in that familiar submissive, aphrodisiacal space of being torn...on the edge between not wanting it, and wanting more more more.  That exquisite space between pleasure and pain.

Spread yourself open for me so I can get a better look please.   She is gone now, nothing left to hide, she is His.....she knows she will do anything He asks of her.   Her body is on fire, her mind wonderfully fucked. 

For the next couple of hours He uses her.  Keeping her on the edge.  Inflicting pain until she cries and then soothing it away with deep kisses... there's a good girl, ssshhhhh, you're doing very well.    Bringing her to the brink of orgasm and then not letting her cross over to the other side.....again and again.

Torture and pleasure.

Finally allowing her to release, then forcing her to release again and again......after a while, the magic wand becomes an instrument of anguish, her clit not wanting any more painful stimulation.

Finally, He disrobes....shoving His cock into her tear-stained face.  Fucking it methodically, intently.....making her gag.   Get on your hands and knees.  She turns, ass up, as He plunges deep into her open, wet cunt.  Fucking her as hard as he can.....primal, animalistic sex.

She is a seething, tearful, pile of mush.  A woman well used, well spent. She cannot think clearly, she is in a different place, a familiar space.  A place she is completed addicted to visiting, with a Man she is completed addicted to, leading her there.

But wait......I forgot the most exquisite part. "Aftercare."  He holds her, comforts her, soothes her trembling body with gentle words.  She has been a good girl, His good girl.