Monday, February 20, 2012

Lighter or Darker

I had an encounter the other day, with a new/old friend.  We spent 9 hours together talking about our lives, our lost loves, our desires.  Although he is vanilla-inclined, I talked in depth about D/s relationships and my feelings and needs.  It was a very liberating experience, to be able to talk to someone about these issues.  He remained open minded and did not judge me. 

The conversation I had with him prompted me to reinstate my blog.  When I left him, I felt cleansed and strengthened and realized that I do not want to hide who I am; more importantly, I need to find someone that can help me "be", who I am.

 Each encounter holds the capacity to render us lighter.

Or to color the experience of our world darker.

Each encounter holds the capacity to engage
our sense of wonder.

Or to help us hide from noticing the
experience of being human.

Each encounter holds the capacity to
tell its story without expectation.

Or to force on the world an opinion
of how it must be.

Each encounter holds the capacity for
us to recognize our sameness.

Or to escape into the experience
of separateness.

And with each encounter comes a decision.

To make our world lighter.

Or darker.

Nick Askew - Soul Biographies

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