Monday, September 28, 2009

What? Where?

is he/she...?
This elusive partner that most of us have dreamed of,
is he to remain an illusion, a fantasy....
We search, endlessly, for the "right one";
I hear people cry and mourn over their futile attempts to procure...
the "perfect" partner.

Are our expectations too high?
Do we pine for someone that does not/can not exist?
If this is so....our search will last until our death;
we will take our desires, our needs, with us to the grave.

...and that is sad.

We should not settle for less than we deserve but...somewhere along the line, our expectations have to line up with reality....what we think we need/want, and what we can realistically expect/live with, will have to learn to happily co-exist with each other.

Life is imperfect.
"We" are imperfect.
It's time we, not only think we know this, but seriously embrace this fact.
It is our only hope for any sort of happiness and contentment.

Not perfection,
but perhaps peace,
perhaps contentment,
perhaps managing to get the bulk of our needs met,
perhaps being allowed to go elsewhere to receive the rest of them...
We can sculpt our lives,
we do not/should not depend on one person to meet all of our needs;
this is impossible and places a tremendous burden on the relationship.
My husband expected me to be his was very stressful.

In my new life, I vow to lower my expectations and to realize/accept that people (including myself) are imperfect.

I vow to allow myself, to be happy.


  1. This is so very true and beautifully put.

    Thinking of you as I go through my own travails.

  2. I have learned that the most loving sentence I can say to anyone is: "I love and accept you for who you are."

    Great post. Wonderful photo.

  3. Charli- Girl you are so right- you have to allow yourself to be happy and take care of yourself FIRST!! We all deserve to be happy. Yes everyone is imperfect- everyone!! Thanking of you always... ~wendy

  4. And how did that turn out ? Given your silence, I hope that you found a happy ending and that you're not blogging because you were kidnapped by some psycho...

    And you're allowed to have high expectations as long as you know how to realize them and can pay the price :)

  5. Thank you Aix.....

    Hi Pammie....I would love to be able to say that sentence to someone and truly mean it. I am working on this....I really want to get there.

    Dearest Wendy, thank you for your kind words.

    Gabriel! I have missed you. Luckily I was not kidnapped by a psycho. Nice to hear from you.