Friday, October 2, 2009


Stop asking me if I want this
Stop asking me if I like that
If you want to give it, I'll take it
If you like it, I'll try it
if you ask me,
what I want,
what I like,
what I am thinking...
I'll say...
I don't know,
I'll say...
because the truth is that...
I don't really know if I like it,
or if I want to try it,
or even, what I am thinking about it...
because you see,
this is all new to me,
and so...
I need you to be assertive;
take it like you own it
make it like you own it;
if it complains,
tell it to shut the fuck up
and just do it.
(but make sure it knows the safe word first)


  1. Hmmmmmmmmmm ... . *smile* The shell seems to have at least cracked?

  2. Now that's exciting... The carte blanche is when everything gets started. That's when you can start owning and shaping and everything. Looks like you surrendered to someone and that's great.
    And I love it when you refer to yourself as "it".

    Welcome back on your blog dark Charli ! I missed you and I'm glad you've find some stability.

  3. charli,
    spoken like a true sub. your hearts' desire, everything, with of course a safe word.


  4. Oh I can so relate to this. I hope you find what you are looking for. I love your blog btw. :-)

  5. Yes Sir....*HUG*

    Well, Gabriel, I intend to start "owning" and "shaping"....hopefully my time away will help in that regard.

    Yes Finbar.....a safe word.....*smile*

    Thanks Temptress...nice to "see" you here!