Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time to Cleanse

I am spending some time on Vancouver Island to feel the wind in my hair and let it cleanse my spirit and soul.......I plan to meditate and walk labyrinths and try to center my fractured being.

I will be gone for 4 weeks and within those 4 weeks I will come to some sort of conclusion about what direction my new life should take.


  1. I hope that you find the peace and direction you are looking for.

  2. charli,

    as always i wish the best for you, and i hope that the reprieve of the pacific, that the fresh brine and salt air of the sea brings you new found meaning and an insight into your being.

    i hope that you return with resolve and optimism. that you find within yourself wisdom and strength, and the self trust that is needed to wield them.

    until you return , my thoughts are with you.