Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Internet is a Dangerous Place

the internet is a dangerous place
a seriously strange and ominous space,
where 2 people become "glued" in the blink of an eye,
and how does that happen?
I still don't understand how affections can seemingly blossom so quickly;
even though I've experienced, myself, this very thing,
of falling in lust, then,
chewing up, swallowing, and regurgitating my emotions,
to start again,
I still cannot comprehend exactly how....
When you travel alone a similar thing happens,
you form attachments with fellow travelers you meet along the way,
and you can become extremely close to these people in a very short space of time so...
I suppose it's a similar phenomenon,
you are basically traveling with your internet companion,
traversing strange and new territory together and so,
the bonds become quickly fixed and tangible.
it's as if we enter the realm of unreality,
and forget where we are,
as though we mix up the real world and the virtual one,
and forget which is which...

the internet is a dangerous place,
a seriously strange and ominous space,
a refuge of joy and pain;
a mask of dreams and illusions,
that we don when we don't like what we see in the mirror of our lives;
are people aware how deadly it can be?
does anyone really know how many are living on the edge of reality?
at times I am horrified by the thought,
because I know,
I have been there.....
and spoken with many who live in the virtual world,
and have yet to realize it,
people who are trapped by the magnetic pull of the stranger on the other end
a stranger they think they know,
so real, so very real...
yet not real at all.

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