Tuesday, June 30, 2009


A year ago today
He kissed me
for the first time
wove His hands through my hair
yanked my head back
and kissed me

I melted
I oozed
I swooned;
I knew,
that I had finally found
what it was I was looking for
in one moment of time
it was there
He was there
in front of me

and I no longer had to pretend
or fantasize
about what it would be like
when/if one day it happened

my soul opened up
and felt free to experience
whatever it was that I desired;
all that I had kept hidden
in my heart
for so many years
knowing that revealing myself
would open the door for ridicule
and disgust
knowing that wanting to serve a man
to live for him and through him
to be protected by, and suffer for him
would not be understood by those around me
and so I became use to feeling ashamed

one day
a year ago
He kissed me
for the first time
and my world changed



  1. ...a chief event in life is the day in which we encountered a mind that startled us...

  2. So it all started with a kiss.
    That's romantic ^_^

  3. @play365....yup! I love being "startled", almost as much (or maybe a little more) than I love startling!......*smile*

    @Gabriel....yes, romantic it was!