Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Secret Key

In the darkness He comes to me still
His shadow covering my body in quiet
while His hands push/pull/smack/hurt me
while His voice calmly reassures me
that everything He is doing is necessary
that I am being a good girl
and pleasing Him
that He wants/needs to help me
that He knows where I need to be
and that He holds the key
to my happiness
to my freedom
and I think think think
and wonder
if the key is indeed
in His pocket
or resting instead
inside my mind.


  1. I believe that the key is in your mind and that you have to give it to him. No one can create it all by himself. That is the huge power of the submissive. Most of time she'll try to forget this aspect of the relationship. And that's why you most certainly have the answer to your question ;)

  2. Check this out :