Thursday, June 25, 2009

In Praise of Greener Pastures

I remember what it was like
to feel light and carefree
when the world so amused
and delighted
Once long ago
not far away
I'd awake full of hope
at the dawn of each day
When negative emotion
was a distant foe
and positive energy
was my lifeforce...
and so?
What has transpired
to create this impasse?
It does not make sense
for it happened so fast!
One day my life
seemed wonderfully right;
oh what I'd give,
to sleep through the night!
Upon sadness and guilt;
rejection and shame,
I'm terminally tired
of this god-awful game.


  1. Through this blog, I've seen the face of what could be a wonderful Charli, truly alive and completely engaged on the liberating path of self-discovery and self-acceptance. Her texts were imbued with a free flowing energy that I fall in love with.

    And even though she sounds different today, I know that the original Charli is still present. Rejection and shame might have created some frustration (as in lack of control) which depleted Charli's mental & emotional reserves but that can not fundamentally change the Charli we learned to appreciate.

    Unfortunately I don't know her enough to be able to influence her mood but I certainly hope to quickly regain our dark and deeply sensual muse.

  2. Geez Gabriel, you made me cry! That was so very sweet of you to say....all those nice things about me.

    Thank you, thank you!!

    *smile*....."dark and deeply sensual muse"....I love that!

    Your English is getting much much better as well. Have you been somewhere you can practice lately??