Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I saw a piece of glass; it was lying on the ground; the sun caught its' stained colors of yellow, green and red and tossed them up at me, drenching my face in a prism of gold. It had the effect of mesmerizing me; I stood transfixed on the spot, not able to move but only to stare at this beautiful sharp object at my feet......

and then, a cloud passed over the sun rendering my object of beauty only sharp and shiny, no longer magical, and so, I lost interest in the once beautiful object but instead of walking on, I bent over and picked it up. The sharp corner cut into my flesh and red blood began to flow from my finger and drop to the ground; the cloud lifted and the sun shone on my blood reflecting its' red splendor back at me; although my finger pained me, I was once again transfixed, tethered within the intensity and darkness.......of the flow.

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