Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good Girl

A male clerk in the store the other day spoke the words "good girl" to me in response to my putting a healthy food choice item in my grocery cart. My response to this phrase was face flushed and I got wet. Why?? What is going on here? People use the term "good girl" to talk to animals (as well as children, which never ceases to annoy me) non? Well ofcourse they do and that is exactly what the D/s dynamic is all about. The D is the lion tamer and the s is the lion (ofcourse I am only speaking about myself here as I am definitely a lion and very hard to tame as well). The s could just as easily be a little pony......anyway, the point is, it is a base, primal relationship dynamic which dates way way back in time to when my caveman husband would grab me by the hair and drag me off to have his way with me. I realize that I am being a bit simplistic here but the general idea prevails.......think cages, collars, leashes, whips, etc. Societal protocol has "tamed" us all over the centuries to be courteous and respectful and bury bury bury our most basic instincts.

It is extremely hard in this day and age for me to get a man to call me graphically filthy names or talk dirt to me because they have been trained from an early age not to. And I am talking about men that I have met on BDSM sites, not just any old man off the street. It is even hard for (me to train) these men to forgo all they have been taught. Now I am certainly not suggesting we go back to our primitive ways of old in all matters great and small.......but sexually, that is why I have been called to my submissive post.....that is how I need/want/crave my life to be.......animalistic and primal.......full of base emotion and raw feeling.

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