Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Secrets and Lies

Who could have predicted that I would need more than you were able to give?
Certainly not I, although for years I have not felt satisfied, never really knowing why; telling myself that it was simply a settling into the relationship; becoming comfortable, feeling secure.

After just a few years the sex became a chore, an unwanted advance; still, that is what happens in long term relationships; many friends will attest to this fact. We laugh together, cuddle together, joke around....things are good; we enjoy many of the same types of activities....and yet....something fundamental is missing, a bonding of deep desires; there are so many secrets that I keep from you; do you hide things from me, as well? How can you love "me", there are so many parts to me that you don't even know; would never even guess at?

So I wonder, then, who it is that you really love? How much of the "me" that I present to you, is the true "me"?

This girl that you think you know.

I wonder who "she" is.

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