Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I love a man........

who knows what he wants.

The following is taken from Matthew's website, Hardcore Romance:

What I Want! More than Mere Words.

I want a woman that I can fuck, kidnap, take by force, take at will, take to dinner, take anywhere, take down, go down on, make come, come on, come in, come with, possess, protect, care for, keep safe, keep guessing, keep naked, talk with, talk to, listen to, nurture, use, spoil the girl, punish the brat, admire the woman, make squirm, make crawl, make laugh, make happy, make wet, make giggle, make drip, make whimper, make shy, make cry, be challenged by, be impressed by, be blown by, tie up, tie down, spank her ass, probe her mouth, kiss, choke, slap, bite, lick, taste, squeeze, hug, pinch, watch, embarrass, violate, masturbate, penetrate, adore, trust, like a lot, love even more and loves me in return.

I will give her what she needs and control what she wants.

How cool is that?

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